Sunday, June 5, 2016

Life is a Marathon

On Sunday morning, I ran the Dexter Ann Arbor Half Marathon.  It's a great race.  I've run it almost every year, trading back and forth between the 5K, 10K , or half marathon.  The last time I ran the half was 7 years ago and I was much faster and prepared than this year.  So, I wasn't expecting the best race but as I began to run I realized that I felt great.  I was consistently hitting each mile under pace time.

Then, around mile nine, the sky opened up and the rain poured down.  You have to love runners.  Instead of pouting or quitting, whoops of delight rose up from the crowd.  People held their arms and face up to the sky.  Just as I held my face up, the song Stronger by Kelly Clarkson began to play on my iPod.  The lyrics "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" belted out of my headphones and I knew this wouldn't make me quit either.

As the last few miles neared, I felt myself slowing down.  My legs ached.  I felt weak and drained.  Surely, I could not take another step.  That negative voice in my head was starting to tell me "you can't do it."  "It's not worth it."  "No one will care if you quit now."

Yet, something inside me would not let me stop.  As I climbed the last hill, I fought.  As the pain and exhaustion washed over me, I placed one foot in front of the other.  I could hear the cheers of the finish line.  I scanned the crowd and saw them.  My little fan club yelling "Go Mommy go!"  With one last push, I lengthened my stride and crossed the finish line.

The school year is like running a marathon.  It starts out full of hope and promise.  Somewhere along the way the sky darkens, the rain comes, and you are forced to weather the storm.  All of the hard work will pay off but you have to cross the finish line.  It's painful and you want to quit but you choose to fight instead.  Occasionally, in the last mile you are able to banish the tired thoughts from your brain and be present.  To feel the beat of your heart.  Hear the roar of the crowd.  To feel proud of your accomplishment.  Even if it wasn't a perfect race.  You still finished it when many others chose to quit or worse, never start.  The finish line is calling!  May the hill be short and sweet.  It's so close.  We can taste it.

At the finish line with my dad!

"If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm."  Frank Lane
"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning to sail my ship."  Louisa May Alcott
"I've learned that finishing a marathon isn't just an athletic achievement.  It's a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible."  John Hanc
"If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon." Katherine Switzer

Big Rocks:
A huge congratulations to all of the parents of graduates this week!  I know it was an emotional week for many of you.  Congratulations!
Kristi and Ian

Jacky Bowling

Michael Licata

Little M Preschool Grad

A big thank you to Bill Lietz for once again leading the Cooper Talent Show!  The daytime performances are Tuesday and the night performance in Wednesday.   5th Grade 9:15-10:45
6th Grade 1:30-3:00 

Thank you to Tim Backiel for taking the lead on the 6th grade Rec Center trip.  That trip is this Wednesday.  

The Volunteer Tea is this Friday.  We have so many wonderful volunteers that help make Cooper the special place it is.  Please join us for lunch on Friday from 11:30-12:45.  You may sign up to bring a dish in the lounge.  Thank you to Judy for organizing and advertising.  Thank you to Fatino for allowing us use of the gym!

Speaking of Fatino and Lorraine, thank you so much for another wonderful Field Day.  The students had a wonderful time and the weather was just perfect.  Thank you to Bill for helping with Relay Recess.  I know it did not go as planned but the students had a great time walking the track and it was a great cause.  Mrs. Petrie was very appreciative of our support!
Torch Runners!
Calendar for the Week of June 6:
Monday: 11:45 Student Lighthouse
                12:30 Meeting with Hayes Parent (Sarah and Kristi)
                1:00 Parent Meeting
                3:00 Meeting with Cleveland Parent (Sarah and Kristi)
Tuesday: Variety Show 5th Grade 9:15-10:45
                1:00 Kristi Evaluation Meeting at CO
                Variety Show 6th Grade 1:30-3:00
                 Lighthouse Team 3:45-5:00
Wednesday: 9:00-1:00 Sarah Evaluation Meeting at CO
                     6th Grade Rec Center
                     6:00 Talent Show
Thursday: 3:45-5:00 Extended Staff Meeting 
                 6:00 PTA
Friday: 11:30-12:45 Volunteer Tea

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  1. Great metaphor for a year of teaching, and so so true!